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Late Spring

A May dance competition took us to Oregon, where we had a chance to hike up to the top of Multnomah Falls.  Quite a hike after dancing all day, but lovely.

Spring Flowers

I know it’s summer now, but this is the gumpaste masterpiece that I learned how to make this spring.


Something to Think About

This is Fuji-san.


This is Mt. Osorno in Chile, called by Chileans as their answer to Mt. Fuji.  Thoughts?


Bullet Train

I personally liked the Shanghai bullet train better – much nicer seating!  But I will admit that the scenery at the few stops was spectacular.


We were very fortunate in the weather that day.  The day that we were actually supposed to go up the mountain it was pouring rain, and there was a mud- and rock-slide up above us that closed the road.


The tour that I took started in Osaka.  Changed planes in Tokyo.  No comment.  I guess I’m spoilt by Atlanta’s great airport.

Osaka was rainy, but we got to see lots of cherry blossoms, and the castle.


Got a lot of good historical background on the Shogunates.  Fascinating times.

Cherry Blossoms

April took me to Japan for a cherry blossom tour.  DC has cherry blossoms by the Tidal Basin – Kyoto has cherry blossoms all over the city.  We happened to be there at the very height of the blossoms.


This was all the way along the river, all through the city, and all over the countryside.

The drawback, of course, was that it was the height of the cherry blossom season;  by definition the height of the tourist season, spring break for schools and mostly lovely weather.  Which meant the tourists (like us) were out in droves.  There were times and places that you couldn’t move for tourists.

The cherry blossoms (and the sushi) made it all worth while.


One More Blackpool Shot

I don’t think I ever posted this one.  As a friend of mine puts it: SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!


Many thanks to my incredible teacher/partner, Jari Muller, and to Dore Designs for the incredible dress!

More Tour de France

No photos, as the day didn’t lend itself to lots of shots.  What was extremely interesting was that Stage 9 started in Andorra in 104 degree heat – the pavement was actually melting – and finished in Revel in France in a 40-degree hailstorm.  The hail was big enough that you could see individual golf-balls on the cameras.  Those poor guys who trucked on through that.  I personally think they’re nuts.

Tour de France

chris froome

This is last year’s winning team.  They hope to repeat.  If you want to see a really, really spectacular stage, go on YouTube and watch Stage 8 of this year’s race.  It’s one for the record books and I won’t spoil it by telling you why.



Thank you Wamble Farms for the loan of Alvin the Awesome, and thank you Courtney Huguley for all your hard work!