Greetings and Salutations

Moses 94Welcome to my blog, Been There, Done That. It’s going to be a collection of stream-of-consciousness writings on any topic I choose to grace! To give the reader a bit of an update on who I am and why I’m doing this, let’s put it this way: I’m well into the second half of my existence, more or less retired, and have always wished that I had a forum for stray thoughts. I spent 35 years annoying people professionally, so when work and finances finally coincided, I bagged it all and decided to start paying off bad Karma – I enrolled in Pastry School! There will be off-and-on stories about that, of course, as well as commentary from my professional career, and more babbling about my 35 years with horses, and now my 12 years as a competitive ballroom dancer. As you can see, I’ve been there, done that.