Dog Tracking


This is my favorite running and walking trail.  It’s the Cochran Shoals National Recreation Area by the Chattahoochee River and is gorgeous.



Anyone who knows me knows that I am a cat person and not overly fond of dogs of any stripe. I have ranted in the past about extendable/retractable leashes, people who do not train their dogs, and people walking dogs while busily on cell phones, rather than spending time bonding with their pets.  All of the above have been replaced by a new “pet” peeve – picking up after your (expletive deleted) doggie.  On the 3-mile trail where I walk and run, I counted 48 (yes, 48) bags of doggie deposits left by the side of the trail for someone else (the Park Rangers) to pick up.  Some of them were within 5o feet of a drop-box, and several, like the photo above, were within INCHES of the box.  If you can’t be bothered to carry your deposit to the box, one wonders what other short-cuts you’re taking with your dog; and if you’re taking short-cuts, maybe you really shouldn’t have a dog to begin with.

What I didn’t photograph, to spare you, was the “used” diaper by the side of the trail.