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Month: July, 2016

Sugar Sculpture


These are poured sugar sculptures.  And the cause of many burnt fingers!

Guess Where

Tokyo harbor

If you guessed Tokyo Harbor, you’re right!  This is the view from my hotel.

Doing Vienna

A tip to Vienna isn’t complete without a trip to the Staatsoper (the State Opera House).  I got standing room for Simon Boccanegra, one which I’d never seen before.  The Opera House is incredible.

And then there’s the afters:


Need one say more?



Due to some family matters that brought up the subject of the family’s descent, I was curious to see just where my great-grandfather lived while he was in Vienna.  Here it is. It has been broken up into flats (one of my cousins still lives in the maid’s quarters).


The other half of the building is the Uruguayan embassy.




Going through my parents’ papers after they passed away, we discovered that my Father had regularly paid an upkeep fee at the cemetery where his grandfather was buried.  To our chagrin, the last payment had been made in 2009!  So I contacted the cemetery and made arrangements to renew the upkeep contract.

Since I live here, and the cemetery is in Vienna, Austria, I thought I’d stop by while I was in Europe in late May and check and make sure that the work was actually being done.  As you can see, it certainly is being done.

Late Spring

A May dance competition took us to Oregon, where we had a chance to hike up to the top of Multnomah Falls.  Quite a hike after dancing all day, but lovely.

Spring Flowers

I know it’s summer now, but this is the gumpaste masterpiece that I learned how to make this spring.


Something to Think About

This is Fuji-san.


This is Mt. Osorno in Chile, called by Chileans as their answer to Mt. Fuji.  Thoughts?


Bullet Train

I personally liked the Shanghai bullet train better – much nicer seating!  But I will admit that the scenery at the few stops was spectacular.


We were very fortunate in the weather that day.  The day that we were actually supposed to go up the mountain it was pouring rain, and there was a mud- and rock-slide up above us that closed the road.


The tour that I took started in Osaka.  Changed planes in Tokyo.  No comment.  I guess I’m spoilt by Atlanta’s great airport.

Osaka was rainy, but we got to see lots of cherry blossoms, and the castle.


Got a lot of good historical background on the Shogunates.  Fascinating times.