Our Adventure Continues

by kpmautner

General Santa Anna’s troops have no doctors, drugs or ambulances.  It’s starting to snow, and the troops drafted out of the Yucatan not only have never seen snow, but they have no winter gear.  Anyone who’s ever been through a Texas “norther” will sympathize.  I spent a couple of hours at a truck-stop in Amarillo one New Year’s Eve many years ago, and the temperature was -10 with a nasty wind.  And we were going skiing and were prepared for this.

There’s no lubrication for the wagons, so things start to break.  With hunger and dysentery felling troops by the dozens, they’d also forgotten to bring along chaplains.  But they kept on marching.

Santa Anna’s personal baggage train included his striped marquee tent, his monogrammed china, decanters with gold stoppers, and his silver chamber pot.  (All this was captured much, much later and is a matter of record).