The Adventure Continues

by kpmautner

The next couple of days, we spent at sea.  Waves were running about 20 feet for a while.  If you’ve seen the film Master and Commander, think back to the scene where they are rounding Cape Horn in a bit of a blow. That’s what we were encountering.  In summer.  Fortunately, our ship was considerably larger than HMS Surprise, and it was built specifically to handle this part of the world.

Weather was cold, wet and raining, so I didn’t do much touring in Punta Arenas and Puerto Chacabuco.  I had originally signed up for a kayaking tour in the Straits of Magellan, but thought better of it.  I’ve been in a kayak once in my life – in 1971.  Water temperature was 35 degrees.  Air temperature was 35 degrees.  Sea in the Straits (which is sheltered) was running 5-6 foot waves.  I decided that this might not be the smartest thing that I ever tried.

This did, however, provide some serendipitous incidentals.  The young couple of professional Argentine Tango dancers who were doing the nightly stage show decided that they’d like to earn some pocket money between performances, and gave private lessons.  It was a whole new game of dancing and real fun – especially working in heels with the ship continuing to lurch from one side to the other.  But fun!