The Ride of a Lifetime

by kpmautner


The best ride I ever had where I actually rode (the post on Cameo yesterday was about the time I let Cameo do all the work) was a training level event with my horse of a lifetime, Moses.  We won the dressage by a decent margin (it was October, chilly, with a brisk wind.  Moses was excited.  How do I know?  His eyes were wide open in the dressage!).  Heading into cross country, we had a good warm-up, and all of a sudden it was all very, very Zen. I saw all my distances from way out and he jumped beautifully.  We both spent the entire cross country round relaxed and enjoying ourselves.  Even had time to listen to the announcer escorting us around the course.  As we approached the water jump, I can still here “and Holy Moses is approaching the water.  Will it part for him?”  Usually, I was so tense on cross country that Magic Mike could have stripped in my path and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Stadium was great.  For some reason, I saw all my distances from the start gate.  The smoothest trip I ever had on a jumper course.  And best of all, we won the whole thing!