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Month: February, 2015


I know I’ve used these before, but they are still my favorite portraits of myself.  And since I’m celebrating the anniversary of my 21st birthday today (I won’t say which anniversary 😉 ) I’m doing it my way.


What a difference a few (?) years make!


Pushing It

The Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco is getting flak from parents, students and teachers at parochial schools after revealing a faculty handbook  which requires teachers to “lead their public and professional lives consistently with church teachings on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, birth control and other behaviors he describes as evil”.  (quoting AP article by Lisa Leff, 2/7/15).

This is my overriding complaint about organized religions of any kind – attempting to force a particular set of values or beliefs on others.

Apparently Archbishop Cordelione stressed “that the handbook additions are meant to provide clarity for teachers and not to target any for dismissal”.  And you believe this?

More Spring Prep

Cupcakes with buttercream frosting and royal icing decorations.


Learning to make gumpaste sunflowers; a little out of season.

Spring Preview

I’m learning to make piping daffodils!  Getting ready for spring.

new skill

Edible Art

This is gel food coloring on rolled fondant that I made in class.  It’s completely edible.

edible art

The session was devoted to learning to paint on fondant (another technique in advanced cake decorating).


These are a batch of ginger-shortbread cookies (with gumpaste decoration) that I made for a silent-auction fund raiser.  They sold!

sale cookies


These are lemon poppyseed mini muffins (with royal icing decoration) that I made for the hungry dancers at the studio!


All gone!


Spotted being Spotted at the ASHAA (American Saddle Horse Association of Alabama) annual awards banquet.  Long story.



Carl Djerassi

Dr. Carl Djerassi died on 30 January 2015 at the age of 91.  RIP to a chemist who, with his partners, was responsible for changing the world for millions of women.  Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1923, he emigrated to the States with his family in 1938 to escape what was becoming an intolerable situation for Viennese Jews.

He and his two partners developed and patented the synthetic hormone norethindrone, which became the basis for the first widely-accepted and used oral contraceptive.  He is often known as the Father of the Pill.

Dr. Djerassi and associates freed millions of women worldwide from reproductive slavery.

RIP and thank you.

Another “You’ve Got To Be Kidding”

John Rosemond is my all-time favorite advice columnist.  His by-line appears in our Saturday paper.  He writes parenting advice that is full of common (or rather uncommon) sense.  Nine times out of ten, he tells the anxious parent to stop trying to be a friend to their child and trying to reason with a child.  He has repeatedly told parents to suck it up and start acting like parents instead of their child’s bff.

In today’s paper, he followed up on a column he wrote some time ago about parents who are Just Plain Nuts.  Included in this category are those who spend $5000 on their darling’s first birthday party, those who replace expensive phones and other electronics when they are lost or destroyed by the child, and those who lavish the little vermin with expensive clothes, cars and whatnot rather than making the time and taking the effort to discipline the child.

His candidate today for JPN was the parent who called the principal of her 5-year-old’s school (very expensive private school) to complain about the teacher who would not let her precious sing her favorite nursery rhyme out loud at any time that the child pleased.  The mother confronted the teacher and the principal and demanded that the child be given permission to disrupt the class at will.

On the other hand, Rosemond offers another JPN where the parents may not be nuts, but someone surely is.  Two parents in Maryland allowed their 10 year old son and 6 year old daughter to walk home alone from a local park – a walk of less than a mile.  The kids were spotted by “local parenting vigilantes” (his term and I love it) who called the police and child protective services.  Child Protective Services (“aka the Parenting Gestapo” – again his term and again I love it) threatened to take the children into custody if the parents do not submit to an intrusive investigation and promise, in writing, not to allow the children to be unsupervised for even a few minutes while the investigation is on-going.

Yes, there is a time and a place for Child Protective Services.  But this?  This is JUST PLAIN NUTS.