What in the name of ….?

by kpmautner

Another juicy tidbit:

A mother is being charged with murder of 3 of her 5 kids in a house fire and is furious because the judge is refusing to let her see the two children left alive.  According to the media (I have not seen court papers), the mother left kids ranging from 2 to 9 years old alone in the house while she was out.  Neighbors are quoted as saying that the house had no electricity or running water, that the kids often came around to the neighbors begging for food, and that the kids were burning leaves in a pan to keep warm.  The mother was variously described as hanging out with friends in restaurants, trying to better herself by “taking classes to prepare herself for a job in income-tax preparation” (quoting the mother of the defendant) and missing her kids.

According to police, the woman told them that she was working handing out flyers for a tax-prep service (at 11 o’clock pm, yeah right) when the house went up in flames.

The mother of the defendant “contends that her daughter struggled financially with little child support from any of the three men who fathered the children“.

This is where you lose me.  Yes, it’s horrible that the children died.  The surviving ones do not need to be around someone like that.  Agree with the judge.