Duke U’s Belfry

by kpmautner

This morning’s paper carries a short piece noting that Duke University has backed down under pressure.  The issue?  Use of the campus chapel’s bell tower for the daily Muslim call to prayer.  Billy Graham’s son is on record as saying “It’s wrong [to use the bell tower for the “adnah” (I believe that’s how it’s spelt)] because it’s a different god. Using the bell tower, that signifies worship of Jesus Christ.  Using it as a minaret is wrong.” (quoted in the Charlotte Observer)

According to the article, the call was to be at reasonable volume and short.  Additionally, the chapel is used not only for Christian services, but also hosts services for Buddhist, Hindu and other beliefs.

Duke is by reputation one of the pre-eminent academic institutions in the South.  (Yes, U of Kentucky will beat them again in basketball, but otherwise the laurels go to Duke).  As an academic heavyweight, why on earth does the establishment cater to the lunatic fringe of the right wing?

Anyone who knows anything about this whole issue is welcome to comment!