by kpmautner

There has been much coverage in the media recently about the young man who was arrested in Ohio after he bought two assault rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition.  We will not go into the quasi-religious or any other motivation.  What I noted in the article in today’s paper was the comments made by the individual’s father during an interview.

This ties into complaints that several of my friends who are teachers have made recently: parents in denial over the behavior of a child.   My teacher friends say that the parents refuse to acknowledge that their kid might be at fault.  No, never, not my darling.  It has to be the fault of the teacher;  or the principal; or the school system.  Never, ever could their darling be culpable (not doing homework, failing a test, skipping school).  Long, long ago in the dark ages when I was in school, if a teacher called home to complain about a child’s behavior, the kid not only got in trouble at school, but there was worse waiting at home.  Nowadays, the parent will sympathize with the poor mistreated and misunderstood kid against the nasty teacher.

Anyway, the point being:  the article this morning quoted the father as saying the arrested individual “was a ‘mommy’s boy’ taken in by a ‘snitch’ who was trying to help himself.” Give me a break.  At no point did anyone force the kid to buy assault rifles.  At no point did anyone force him to post threatening info on social media.  The FBI informant who turned in the kid may have been trying to make a deal for himself, but no-one “entrapped” the kid into anything.  Says something about the parent.