Missing the Point

by kpmautner

There’s currently a huge brouhaha here in Atlanta on the subject of the firing of the fire chief by our mayor.

Asides:  our mayor is a demagogue in the style of Marion Barry (as a former DC resident I remember Barry with loathing).  The fire chief had and has his own set of problems.

Anyway, the kerfuffle is about the mayor firing the fire chief over the publication of a book.  The book is entitled “Who Told You that You Were Naked”.

The press is making hay over the “religious liberties” issue – the book comes down heavily against same-sex anything, as well as any form of “unrighteous behavior” (as defined by the author).  The religious right here in Georgia is claiming that the mayor fired the fire chief in violation of his (the chief’s) right of free speech.  (Curiously a propos to the current REAL free speech crisis).

The press is misleading the public, and the public is completely missing the point:  the fire chief was not fired because he published the book;  he was fired (1) because he published the book without permission;  and (2) that he required his subordinates to purchase and read the book.  This is not a religious-liberties issue;  this is a question of judgment, and anyone stupid enough in this day and age to promote (and mandate) a self-published work in the workplace has questionable judgment and should not be in charge of a major public service.  For the first time in his term of office, I actually agree with an action the mayor is taking.