First Night

by kpmautner

Got on the plane on Friday; got to Seattle with a whole bunch of bumps.  Nothing scary, just hard to read and even harder to play airplane trivia – although I did manage the entire flight’s high score!  Yea Goucher!

Once in Seattle, got to my gate and found that they were scrambling to get everyone on the plane as fast as they could.  And there was a TSA rep checking IDs before we boarded.  I’ve flown enough to realize that this was highly unusual (you show your ID at the security line and then put it away).  Odd.

Once I got on the plane, the attendant announced that we were being cleared to leave early and would everyone please sit down quickly.  Turns out that President O was taking his family for holiday vacation on Oahu and that they’d close the airport down one hour before/after he arrived, and that if we didn’t get in the air fast, we’d be circling for quite a while.  AMAZING how fast people can stow luggage and sit down with incentive!

So we beat O to the islands.  (That man takes more vacations – paid vacations – than anyone I know, and we pay to bring his family along. It’s nice to be king.)

Hotel was hotel.  But their breakfast was one for the record books:  fresh (like cut that morning from nearby tree) pineapple and fresh (like harvested down the street) coffee to die for!  Off to the boat later this morning and more coming bit by bit.  Photos will follow.