More NCAA Idiocy

by kpmautner

I thought the NCAA had reached point non plus ultra with the suspension of the Georgia athlete for taking money for autographs.  It’s worse.  The NCAA is now backing a Georgia legislator’s bill which allows colleges to sue anyone who coerces athletes into breaking NCAA rules.  It allows colleges to sue for lost revenue caused by self-imposed disciplinary actions including suspensions that occur when players receive improper benefits.


Unless someone held a gun to the kid’s head and forced him to sign their football, or threatened his family, how on earth can you coerce a college athlete into signing something?  And wouldn’t you think that the athlete had the sense to go running to his coach when someone did threaten him at gunpoint????  Come on, legislators.  You define these college scholarship athletes as student-athletes, and you have claimed publicly that they are college students.  A college student is supposed to be, by definition, old enough to be able to distinguish right from wrong.  And more to the point, from the time these youngsters were old enough to even dream of an NCAA scholarship, the requirements, restrictions and prohibitions were drilled into them.  If they’re not smart enough to be able to recognize an illegal payment when they see it, they don’t belong in college in the first place.  They’re wasting space that could be more profitably used by a more worthy student.

Yes, the people who offer improper payments to student athletes are in the wrong, but this particular offense has TWO sides, and the colleges need to accept responsibility for the sins committed by one of their own (they awarded the athletic scholarship in the first place, didn’t they?)