More Tales of the Weird

by kpmautner

Another situation that baffled us.  You may or may not know this, but insurance companies require medical examinations, thorough ones, before they issue life insurance policies over a certain amount.  Each company is slightly different, but as a rule, there is an upper limit to “no medical examination”.  There is also an upper limit on minimal testing (draw blood, urine to test for, shall we say, recreational pharmaceuticals).  Blood test is usually confined to a check for the presence of serious disease and drugs.

Anyway, along came a gentleman who a applied for a policy just under the complete-exam limits (complete examinations include an EKG, standing and treadmill testing, stuff like that, and is usually confined to serious amounts of life insurance).  He met with the agent, provided all sorts of information for the application, denied having any kind of medical condition and made an appointment for the routine tests.

Anyway, when the “routine” test came back, the gentleman tested positive for Hepatitis C.  Also, the application listed the gentleman at 6’2″ and 210 (weighed by nurse practitioner, who should know how to do this) and the lab report listed the specimen donor as 5’9″ and 165.

If you’re going to try to commit fraud by sending in a ringer to take your medical exam, at least do your homework and make sure the ringer is functional!