27 Dresses

by kpmautner

Just watched this very silly movie on the tube.  Gives you some idea of a boring Sunday evening.  Brought an anecdote to mind:

Back many years ago, I had a secretary who had a boyfriend who headlined at a drag club downtown.  Kevin (the boyfriend) was about my height.  The three of us used to get together once in a while and go out for a really nice dinner, or go to a club (they were both excellent dancers) and generally enjoy each others’ company.

Anyway, Kevin constantly complained about the difficulties inherent in being a drag queen on stage.  Makeup, hair, and the high price of evening gowns.  At that point, it occurred to me that in my closet were about half a dozen bridesmaids’ dresses that I had worn once each and would never wear again.  I invited Kevin and his partner over one night and told Kevin that if he could get into these dresses, he could have them.  Turns out Kevin looked better in them than I did.

So anyway, Miss Bunny Foo-Foo (Kevin’s character) appears on stage every weekend in my bridesmaids’ dresses!  One way of getting some use out of them.