Viva Les Nuns!!

by kpmautner

OK, OK, it’s neither Latin nor Spanish nor any other language known to man, but hey:

This morning’s paper ran an editorial praising, of all people, nuns!  The op-ed piece begins “In an age of villainy, war and inequality, it makes sense that we need superheroes.  After trying Batman, Superman and Spiderman, we may have found the best superheroes yet: Nuns!”

The article cites a recently-published book by Jo Piazz, “If Nuns Ruled the World”.  “They don’t hide behind fancy and expensive vestments, a pulpit or a sermon.”  She points out that nuns are at the forefront of education, healing, and caring for the underprivileged. Unlike other religious, nuns are in constant contact with people of every stratum of society.  There are plenty of formidable nuns whom even warlords don’t want to mess with.  And we’re not even beginning to consider Mother Teresa here.

The nuns I knew in my grade-school years definitely fit this pattern.  Sister Lena taught gym class and would have made many a Marine drill sergeant proud.  My favorite TV show, Castle, boasts an Irish cop who defies a ruthless assassin by saying that he spent 12 years in Catholic schools and nothing the assassin can do will phase him.  This character also shows a healthy respect, in one episode, for a nun who is brought in as a witness to a murder, and who rapidly reduces him to fourth-grade status with a few well-chosen words.  Yes, it’s done for comic effect, but still it works.

I suspect that the warlords to whom Piazz refers were raised in Catholic schools by nuns with backbone, and were therefore hard-wired to respect these formidable women.  And the women who became those nuns learned backbone by developing survival skills in what is otherwise a man’s world.

Nice to hear praise of the praise-worthy.