A Bit Late

by kpmautner

A moment of silence please, as we honor the brave souls who, 70 years ago, attempted to call an end to WW II by assassinating Hitler.  20 July 1944 should be written in stone and blood in everyone’s calendar.

There are plenty of documentaries and movies (“Valkyrie” is only the most recent, and although Tom Cruise is scenic as Stauffenberg, the film takes more artistic liberties than are pleasing to a historian).  The members of the Kreisauer Kreis were primarily upper class members (military and political families) who had reached the end of their tolerance of the situation in Germany and attempted to do something about it.

The plot, as is documented, was bungled, and approximately  300 individuals, including the husband of a friend of mine, were executed.  If the spouses were not also executed, they were forced to watch the executions and then sentenced to concentration camps as associates of the conspirators.

So, again, a moment of silence to honor brave people who tried to do what they thought was right.