Movie Review

by kpmautner

Had heard great things about a book and a movie.  “Ender’s Game”.  Orson Scott Card.

Haven’t yet read the book, but it’s on my list out of curiosity more than anything else.

Saw the movie the other night, courtesy Netflix.

Interesting concept:  Planet Earth, in the far future, was invaded by an ant-like species from distant places looking to colonize on a suitable bit of real estate.  Unfortunately for the ants, the real estate had occupants that fought back and (sort of) won.  That was 50 years ago.

Now, the Service is training kids through video games to fight the anticipated (pun intended) return of the ants.  And therein lies the tale.

I will not go into detail, as the film is worth watching for special effects and CGI, which are spectacular.  The moral of the story (and there is one) is worthy of consideration and pondering.  And any discussion would spoil the ending.

The kid who plays Ender is quite good, with just the right touch of adolescent angst mixed with adolescent delusion of omniscience.  Harrison Ford plays the commander to perfection, a mixture of Jack Nicholson and Indiana Jones-playing-Jack Nicholson.  Viola Woods is brilliant as the conscience-stricken second in command.  The rest of the cast is equally well-chosen although there are lots and lots of stereotypical parts.

Worth watching once, if you can find it at the dollar movies or through Netflix.  Interesting moral and philosophical conflicts.  Let me know what you think.