Shirttails and Shirt Tails

by kpmautner

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (our local paper) runs a daily column called “The Vent”.  It’s a site where people can sound off in 150 words or less, and frequently posts interesting comments.  One of today’s caught my eye.

“When will the makers of men’s shirts stop making them 3 feet long?  Not every guy is 6 to 7 feet tall.”

Don’t know about guys, short, tall or otherwise, but I personally wish that women’s shirt (and blouse) makers would stop with this crop-top style.  Every single shirt I’ve bought in the last 10 years ends at the hipbone or above it.  There is nothing to tuck in.  And there is nothing less flattering to a woman of a certain age than a shirt that stops at the top of the hip.  Until about 3 years ago, my favorite store, Chico’s, did actually make some T tops that hung a bit lower.  Since they changed manufacturers, not so.

On the other hand – I take back my comment that there is nothing less flattering than a top cut too short.  And that is white breeches on a female above the age of 20.  Bring back rust-colored breeches and I may reconsider.