Vive Le Tour

by kpmautner

Why have I given up on this year’s Tour de France?  My hero, sprinter  Mark Cavendish, crashed out on Stage 1.  Big disappointment for the Man from Man (he’s Manx).  Then my favorite to win, Chris Froome, crashed out on Stage 10 ((I think it was).  Leaving my last interest, the man-you-love-to-hate, Alberto Contador (NOT a team player) to crash out a couple of stages later.  Although I can’t stand the man, a broken shinbone is not something I’d wish on anyone.

So, after these, I have no more stake in the race except to wish all the remaining bikers a safe trip to Paris. The race ends Sunday.  The Italian has a commanding lead so far, and, barring disaster, should take home the winner’s share of the prizes.  Good luck to all.