Savannah UpDate

by kpmautner

Last weekend at a dance comp in Savannah. Photos will be posted when they show up (as usual).

Anyway, missed the championship by – get this – one point. Had one of the panel of five judges given us one more point ….. I stand with Mongo (Blazing Saddles). “Don’t shoot, bullets just make him mad”. I’m resolved to get even!!!!

But we did have a great comp and a terrific time touring Savannah. If you’ve never been there, it’s well worth the adventure.

What was really fun was spending time at the beach on Tybee Island (gorgeous little beach town with terrific food – hit the Sting Ray for great local seafood). The weekend before we’d been wading in the Pacific (to Los Angeles for coaching), and this weekend in the Atlantic! The miracles of modern transportation.