Another few miles

by kpmautner

Further down I-75, round about exit 298, is the town of Adairsville. General Johnston pulled his troops out of Resaca, attempting to keep his army between Sherman and Atlanta. On 17 May 1864, Johnston came through Adairsville, but found it unsuitable for a defensive position. Following the railroad (which follows the lay of the land and parallels I-75) he withdrew to Kingston (also unsuitable as it’s a pocket valley) and turned east to Cassville to follow the railroad again.

The railroad, you will remember, was the Western and Atlantic line which ran from Atlanta to Chattanooga, and from there to all points north, and supplied what little provision Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia was getting by then. Georgia was, and is, the breadbasket of the South. This railroad had to be maintained at any cost to keep the Confederacy operational, and Atlanta had to be defended for the same reason. Hence the conflict.