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Month: April, 2014

And Finally

roadsterY is for Why Not, driving real fast

Z is for Zee End, reached it at last!


Some More

untouchableU is Untouchable – oh what a horse

V is for Victory – with smirk of course


W is Wing Commander – changed my whole viewpoint


X marks the spot in a really good two-point (how’s that for reaching!)


Beat You to the End!

scan0001S is for Special – she really was

T is for Teacher – she really does (thank you Miss Courtney – it wouldn’t be possible without you!)


Running Ahead now

O is for Open, jumpers of course

form over fences

P is for Pals as we three  shared a horse

team alvin

Q is for Quirks, all of us have them


R is for Ribbons – sometimes we get ’em!

season's loot

Still Catching Up

scan0001K is for K – the letter just past

L is for Love – long may it last


M is for Moses – of course, my best friend

Moses winning

Tory Caryn

N is for Nationals – with Tory and a friend


Next Catching Up

George at WIHSG is for George – who could forget him!

H is for Henry – who rode when we let him


I is for Ideas out of which I have run

J is for Journey with Groom has begun (by the way, happy belated twenty-fifth for the bride and groom!)



Catching Up

Too lazy to participate in the A-Z April blog, so I’m doing a block catch-up; in verse. Lucky you

Horses A-Z

A is for Alvin who taught me to drive
Tally ho! 031

B is for Babble who kept kids alive.



C is for Cameo my lovely ladycameo2

D is for Danny (whose past was shady) and whose photo from the 60s is long lost sadly

E is for Eventer, brave, bold and daring


F is for Fred – fifteen horses that I know that name sharing.


Still More on Loot


On the other hand, this tiny (pen included for size reference) home-made ribbon was one my Father treasured.  It’s from the Grand Prix of Aachen immediately after the end of the War, when things like fancy ribbons just weren’t available.


I guess it’s all relative – and a matter of perspective!!

More on Loot


Yes, I’ve used this photo before, and recently, but here it’s to illustrate a point. After many years riding hunters and jumpers (horse trials and events are different), I’ve come to appreciate the quantity – and quality – of loot awarded at Saddlebred shows. For example, the biggest and fanciest hunter show I ever competed in was a AAA show in Kentucky. There were 75 in the class and after the ride of a lifetime (thank you Cameo)


we ended up 6th. The award, which I will treasure always, was a 4-inch green bit of acetate.  Not complaining about the ribbon, but for a show with major entry fees and all sorts of other fees, they might have given a bit more thought to matching the “style” of the show.  An acquaintance earned a well-deserved award from Madison Square Garden years ago (again, tiny in comparison to the standards of the show).

One up for the Saddlebreds!  When you get an award at a Saddlebred show, you KNOW you’ve got an award!

Spring has Sprung

I always know that spring is really here when the wisteria is in bloom.