The Weather

by kpmautner

I thought, when I left Indiana, that I was leaving Tornado Alley behind me. Wrong. We’re due for some lulus here today. Brings back memories:

1. I was at a hunter show with one of my trainer’s young ponies. We were about half-way through a perfectly nice course when the clock struck 11am on a Friday morning. You say, so what? In my part of Indiana, tornado sirens were tested every Friday morning at 11am. And there was such a siren at the foot of the arena where we were jumping. Needless to say, the pony gave a huge start, but fortunately settled down and went on with his work. We ended up winning that class!

2. Indiana is flat. Period. You can draw one topographical line across the state and account for it all. Which means that (at least while I was there), when you were outside the city limits (where our barn was) you could see for miles and miles. We learned very quickly that if you saw the Storm Chaser tornado vehicles in your neighborhood, you very rapidly went somewhere else – preferably deep and dark. Where the Storm Chasers were, you didn’t want to be.

Anyway, deep sympathy for the folks who’ve been in harm’s way this week in Arkansas and Mississippi and Alabama. Our thoughts are with you.