by kpmautner

Bravo for life’s little ironies.

At my first Saddlebred show of the season last weekend, I was enjoying watching the suit classes perform. Suit classes are for people who know what they’re doing, as opposed to the Academy classes, in which I drive. Academy classes are introduction to horse shows for those of us who cannot afford, or have never been, to big-time horse shows. Rules for Academy are strict – the horse must be a lesson horse (I love the official description: the horse must earn his living as a lesson horse), it must be naturally shod and shown in lesson (not ultra-fancy) tack.

Anyway, something I really enjoy about Saddlebred shows is the calliope. The musician plays tunes appropriate to the gait being called, and it gives a pleasant lilt to the atmosphere. Until something caught my ear. He was playing an up-beat version of Del Shannon’s “Runaway”. A more inappropriate tune for a horse show, I couldn’t begin to imagine!