Back to Buffalo – NOT

by kpmautner


Pam Kimmel and Special Event (what a mare!). Pam wanted to do a two-star three-day, so Tracey and I agreed to come help. The event was in Buffalo, Texas. Where, you might ask, is Buffalo, Texas? It’s 135 miles SE of Dallas. 135 miles NE of Houston. 80 miles due east (with cause) of Waco. One stop on the interstate. Sneeze and you miss it.

After driving for what seemed like forever, we finally found the grounds. And got a couple of pointers from the locals. “See those white sandy mounds? Don’t let the horses near them or kick them – fire ant hills.” “See the woods? Don’t walk little dogs there at twilight – the wild pigs will attack them.” “See those (very long-handled) brooms by each cross country jump? Those are to sweep the rattlesnakes off the jumps – they like to sun on the wood.” “Oh and by the way, when you walk the cross country course, stay on the track and stomp heavily and the snakes will leave you alone.”

During the steeplechase phase, we noted flocks of vultures circling overhead over the steeplechase course.

A bobcat ran in front of our car on the way (in pitch black) to the exhibitors’ party which was held in the middle of the bull pasture ….

On Sunday morning as we were getting ready for the jog, a backhoe ran over and severed the water main and we had to dip drinking and wash water for the horses out of the nearby pond. After, yes AFTER, we had done this, an announcement came over the loud-speaker system to warn us that there were cottonmouths (water moccasins to Easterners) in the pond and to be careful

At that point, this city mouse swore never again to return to Buffalo, Texas.