Celebrations Too

by kpmautner

This year, we (celebrate is the wrong word) commemorate the beginning of the war to end wars. World War I. And yes, for those of you who slept through history class, those were President Woodrow Wilson’s exact words when, in 1917, he authorized our soldiers sent to Europe to help end the conflict that had been raging for almost 3 years by that time. And no, we Americans didn’t win the war for the Allies single-handedly (again, in spite of what you might have learned in history class). It did help that we were fresh and much better-equipped.

Anyway, WWI blew up when a driver failed to ask directions. The driver who was to see Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife safely back to the train station in Sarajevo got lost. So did the terrorist who was supposed to blow them up. The terrorist wandered aimlessly around town, until suddenly the open car carrying the Austrian heir took a wrong turn into the street directly in front of him. The rest, as they say, is history.