Enough is Enough

by kpmautner

50 years ago yesterday a deranged individual assassinated President Kennedy.  The media is making the anniversary into what Mona Charen (a columnist with whose reactionary views I normally disagree) terms “assassination porn”.  I agree.  Yes, it is a tragedy when anyone is killed.  Yes, he was the President.  He was also a womanizing, manipulating politician with human failings.  He was not a saint by any stretch of the imagination.  He wasn’t even the most brilliant president we have ever had;  better than some, worse than a lot.

The media insist on canonizing and glorifying this oh-so-human man.  From my very cynical point of view, he was fortunate to be struck down at the height of his glory – and before he could be held accountable for many of the social and political and military upheavals that originated with him.  His predecessors and successors took much of the blame and burden for his ideas.

Don’t get me wrong:  it is truly a tragedy when anyone is killed.  I have no quarrel with that.  I merely object to making a matinee idol out of a very human being.