Movie Reviews

by kpmautner

Warning:  I go to movies for entertainment, not for deep philosophical inspiration.

On the (very) long flight to Hawaii, I watched two recent films.  First was Man of Steel.  Skip it.  It’s a re-make of Superman II (complete with plot-lines) and it just doesn’t measure up.  Way too much fisticuffs, not enough beefcake.  This is what Superman should look like:


The star of the new one looked like Clark Kent in tights and a cape.  No thanks.

Second film:  The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp.  This one had its moments.  The opening sequences are cute and a bit silly, but interesting concept.  The rest of the film is deep-fried Twinkie (way too much).  HOWEVER, the  chase scene in  the last half hour is worth the price of admission.  Slapstick and very definitely does not take itself seriously.  As a matter of fact, the girl in the seat next to me thought I might be having convulsions I was laughing so hard.

lone ranger

Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels they weren’t, but the last chase scene was worth it.  I would  have liked to take Silver to a couple of three-day events!

I’m very glad I didn’t pay theatre prices for either of these, but the Lone Ranger is worth Netflix or a rental.