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Month: October, 2013


I believe, though I’m not absolutely certain, that this was Aachen, Germany, shortly after WWII.  That’s my Daddy getting the first place!



Autumn keeps on falling

Bad pun, sorry.  This was this morning – beautiful blue sky and gorgeous maple coloring!



New Look

This is the new facade of my old high school – Woodrow Wilson Senior High.  I graduated over 40 (get that 40) years ago.  When I went there, it was a 30-year-old brick building that had been through the wars and looked it.

If you look to the right of the vestibule, the first-floor window was my senior home room.



October Musings

And this is October in the Sunny South



What Happened to Autumn?

This is 11th October in my father’s village in Austria.


oct snow

One More Practice

Tally ho! 031

Off to Birmingham for one more date with Alvin before the Prom (the National Academy Finals!)

Baby Boy

baby boyKhartoum

That was then –

Us 70

This is closer to now.  Happy Birthday to my baby brother! Wasn’t he cute!

In Case You’re Wondering …

Was off the grid for a  few days while visiting with my siblings in DC.  When I left Atlanta, it was a lovely 75 degrees and sunshine.  Got to DC and yes, there was sunshine, but the thermometer registered well over 90 degrees.  Ick.  And 600 miles farther NORTH for pete’s sake!

The friend who picked me up came with me to Arlington to pay our respects to my parents and parents of his friends.  Arlington is, oddly enough for a military cemetery, an incredibly peaceful place.  The ordered ranks of stones, the beautiful layout of the grounds and the respect everyone there shows makes it a quietly beautiful place to rest.

So much for rest.  After a superlative sushi dinner, connected with my brother and sister and made a start at making order out of chaos.  What fun.  Especially since the next day the skies opened up with an all-day torrent, and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees.  It was 46 the morning I left.

Back to the sunny South, where I just pulled a couple of loaves of bread out of the oven!

And Again

I still think he’s gorgeous …



Had I Known Then …


Had I known then what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have bought Tory.  But I would have missed out on the safest cross-country ride I ever had.  I would also not have developed the appreciation for the merits of dressage that I have since discovered.  And of course I would have missed out on loads of wonderful Tory-stories!


Tory Caryn