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Month: September, 2013




Not a whole lot to say, just thought I’d relax!

The Green, Green Grass




Love this gown!

Look Ma, No Hands!



At a recent dance competition.  Seriously, though, the picture line (as they call it) looks great.

Victory Pass

Alvin gets the credit again. His date apparently stood him up, so he was able to escort me to my second driving show! And into the winner’s circle again!

Thanks go out to Stepping Stone Farm and trainer Courtney Huguley for patience and great lessons, and to Rachel and Julie Wamble for the loan of Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome.

Tally ho! 031

Show pictures coming later.

Groaner Alert

Why should you never kiss a parakeet on the beak?

Because ……

wait for it ……………..

you could get “chirpees”, which is an untweetable canarial disease.

= credit/blame my Aunt Peggy for this one.

And one more Bond


Again I say unto you, if it ain’t Connery, it may be nice, but it ain’t Bond.

James Bond redux


I ran into this fellow when I was doing interviews for The BloodHorse Breeders Cup book. Believe it or not, he really is James Bond.  He got specific permission from the Fleming estate to use the logo on his saddle-pads!

Bond James Bond


If it ain’t Sean Connery, it ain’t BOND!!!

Wish Us Luck – Again!

Tally ho! 031

Alvin has other commitments for this weekend as of publication time, so my new teacher/trainer/chauffeur is a gentleman named Coco. His formal title is Breve Latte, and we’re headed for a driving show in Tennessee this weekend. Think careful and traffic-avoiding thoughts at us.

Alvin in the photo. Coco photos coming when available.

In Memoriam

Flag pin

In memory of the police, firefighters, medical personnel and all the good people. Thank you.