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Month: September, 2013

A Walk in the Park


Lovely autumn day by the Chattahoochee. Sun is shining, birds are singing, and all is quiet.

Pros:  sunshine, 75 degrees, lots of kids on bicycles and tricycles with helmets.

Cons:  folks who don’t pick up their litter, dogs on extend-a-leashes (see tomorrow’s rant), and dads on bicycles with their kids (kids wearing helmets) and dads without helmet.  What an example!

Fortunately my route takes me farther than the tricycles and juvenile bikers can go, so the pros big-time outweigh the cons.  Lovely day at the river.

Again I say unto you:




If it ain’t Connery, it ain’t Bond.

Once More Into the Breach


Fall is my favorite time of year.  The colors are so intense.


It ain’t bad but it ain’t Bond.  Just finished watching Skyfall (thank you Netflix) and am glad I didn’t waste time and money going to the theatre.  Not a bad film as far as action/adventure goes, but not traditional Bond.  No humor worth mentioning, which is part of what made the original movies so much fun.  Lots of chase scenes and a lot of borrowing from Jason Bourne films … and way too much graphic bang-bang-shoot’em-up for a Bond flick.

The ending was interesting.  It ain’t any Bond I’d watch again.

This was a surprise


This came as a shock – Luke Skywalker (also known as Mark Hammill) just turned 62!  Do I feel antique or do I feel antique?  I remember standing in the line that crawled around the block on the opening day of Star Wars!  The first Star Wars.  The real Star Wars.  1977.  Happy Birthday Luke!

It’s Autumn


Feed the birds this winter!

Hale Bopp

Where were you when this one appeared?  I think it was 1996 and I was in Kentucky.  This is the single coolest shot of the entire galaxy of photographs made of the Hale-Bopp comet.  Enjoy



More Tats

And for those of you who really, really need to know:  I got the tat during a period when I hit bottom mentally and it was the least drastic of many options.  I still like it (it’s been years …) and no, I won’t show you.


I have nothing against tattoos per se.  I have a tattoo.  …  Unless you are a VERY close friend, you will never know that I have a tattoo.

I object to overdone and overextensive body art of any kind like piercings and tats in the same way that I object to overabundant jewelry.  Visible tattoos are out of place in the office (wear long sleeves or a high neck) and piercings are out of place in food service.   Frankly, nothing grosses me out faster than a server or food cashier with lip or nose rings (not to mention eyebrows, etc).  By the way, wearing jewelry in any kind of piercings (that includes earrings) is against the health code of every state for food service workers and should be reported to management.

I personally would not hire (for a legal-type office job) someone with visible tattoos.  To me, the unspoken message is immaturity and a lack of awareness of public image, no matter what the age.

What brought on this rant?  At a recent dance competition, one of the competitors was a tall, slim, and very elegant young woman.  Really good dancer for her bracket.  Definitely in harmony with her partner.  Lovely, lovely long white gown with a lot of nice cleavage and a low back.  Only problem?  On her right shoulder was a fist-sized goth tat dripping blood and skulls, very dark and very clear.  It caught the eye and held it.  The ONLY thing you saw about her performance was the tat.  Technically, she and her partner should have won.  They didn’t.

With tats, discretion is the better part of valor.  If you’re looking for a job, cover them up or don’t get them where they show in the first place.  If you’re participating in a subjective sport, use some common sense – or get a dress with a back high enough to cover it.

First Day of Fall

And thank goodness it doesn’t look like this!