Out of Fashion?

by kpmautner

The NAYRC (North American Young Riders Championships) decided to get smart and beat the blistering heat by waiving coats for the dressage. This is reasonably intelligent as there is no way one could stay active in black wool.

So, being youthful and full of ideas, the kids presented for the competition in team polo shirts. Why not! Why should we adhere to dress codes created for northern European weather conditions (by the way, the heat wave in the Austrian alps this year is not to be believed, according to my contacts in the Steyermark) of wet, cold, clammy summers when we’re sizzling (and I know from whence I speak since I live deep into the Deep South) in the summer? If the horses can be made comfortable, why not the riders?

And tucked in and well-fitted polo shirts are just as tidy – and a lot more sensible – than shadbellies in 100 degree weather. Coats were only required for the awards presentations. And therein lies a tale:

One of the kids showed up in what the fashion mavens call an “aubergine” tailcoat. No and no and no and no. Call it “eggplant”, call it “aubergine”, or call it like it is – PURPLE. No and no and no and no. I’ve seen, and tolerated, midnight blue. Maybe. But a tailcoat is a tailcoat, and that is BLACK. Period. End conversation. No exceptions.