Georgia on my Mind

by kpmautner

Ah Georgia. The Peach State. One of the original thirteen colonies.

The state that gave us Jimmy Carter. Honey Boo Boo. Rednecks. Billy Bob Carter. High school football. and Paula Deen.

On the plus side, we have some of the finest universities in the country (Emory, Georgia Tech, Mercer). One of the country’s leading actuarial science programs in the Mack Robinson School at Georgia State.

We have history (the Late Unpleasantness is not forgotten here), geography (Kennesaw Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Stone Mountain and Peachtree anything you wish), scenery (Helen, Tallulah Falls, Dahlonega gold mines) and lovely, lovely cities like Savannah.

We are modern (you can’t get more modern than Atlanta’s rush hour traffic), sophisticated (we have lots of ballroom dancing!) and still in touch with our past (the Late Unpleasantness has not been forgotten).

And, nyah nyah nyah to all you Yankees – our winters can beat your winters hands down!