Flying Babies

by kpmautner

Another Fang story from back in the day:

We’d just finished a run to the market and were getting ready to get in the car. In the next lane over, we saw a woman who’d also finished shopping. She put the baby, in a car-seat-carry-basket, on the roof of the car, loaded her groceries in the trunk, and took off. With the baby still on the roof of the car.

I have never seen a human being move as fast as Fang did that day. Yes, he ran marathons in his spare time (when he wasn’t taking 500-mile bike rides), but this was fast. He held out his arms and caught the carrier as it slid off the roof. The woman driving saw this out of her rear-view and about wrecked the car in her panic. It took us ten minutes to calm her down.

He might be my ex, for good (and personal) reasons, but he did have his good points.