Are You Nuts?

by kpmautner

Back a while, I ranted on the subject of lyrics of popular songs. Slightly different take this time – do people actually listen to the lyrics anymore? Take this for example:

Engaged couple come into the studio to take lessons for their wedding dance. So far, so good. It’s to be a waltz. Also so far, so good. Lovely tune. Ditto. The song? Plaisirs d’Amour, which is a baroque-era art song, with Beverly Sills (diva extraordinaire, may she rest in peace) doing the vocals. Spectacular piece, one of my all-time favorites and right on top of my playlist. Still so far, so good; lovely music, lovely waltz, and I’ve danced to it at several competitions.

HOWEVER, they haven’t taken the trouble to listen to (or in this case translate) the lyrics. The French lyrics translate to: “pleasures of love last a moment, the regrets of love last a lifetime”. Do you want this for your wedding song?????????