Plans for October?

by kpmautner

Columbus, Ohio, is easy to get to. Get on Interstate 70 and you will have to take note of Columbus at some point in your travels, since I-70 runs right through the middle of the city. There are many nice things about Columbus, including one of the best German restaurants around (and their cream puffs …!!!! – another story for another time). Once you make it to Columbus in October, the must-see destination is the annual American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Congress.

If you have ever owned, ridden, sat on, petted or even just seen-at-a-distance, a horse (any horse, not necessarily a Quarter Horse, but Quarter Horses make the best horses!), you really need to check out the Congress at least once in your lifetime. This is an open-to-the-world event, and it really does attract spectators and exhibitors from all over the world. There are no qualifications; if your horse has Quarter Horse papers, you can compete. If you don’t have a horse with papers but have a certificate from your psychiatrist, you can compete in insanity like bull-riding … etc. You name the event, they have it – from beauty-queen-on-horse to hunters, jumpers, penning, roping, reining, cutting, heeling, heading, team penning, steer-wrestling, halter, pleasure, driving, vaulting, you name it.

And that’s only in the many arenas (be sure and check the schedule carefully – lots of events overlap timewise). There is a trade fair that puts Rolex Kentucky to shame, food vendors with every kind of unhealthy (and sometimes even healthy) chow you can want or imagine, and if it has a horse on it, can be used on a horse, or can be used on a horse and you can put glitter or rhinestones on it, you can find it. That’s indoors. Take a walk outside.

There you have Temptation Alley – pens and cage after cage of …. puppies. Puppies for sale. Puppies to give away. Cute puppies. Puppies for sale. Puppies to give away. Cute, cute, heart-breakingly cute … get the picture? The Alley is wickedly placed. You HAVE to go by there to get to the parking lot to leave. It is a rate, cold-hearted person, who leaves the Congress grounds without a souvenir – puppy. Be warned.