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Month: April, 2013

The Preliminaries

Rehearsal dinner for Greg Walcott and Katherine Tuttle, 30 April 1988 (I believe that was the date).

bridal shower



Granada 2012 043

I ran this a while back but it’s still an incredible shot of an incredibly beautiful place. It’s the courtyard of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Another “must” for that bucket list.

Spring in the Austrian Alps



This is one of my favorites.


Moses 94

I’m being a bit lazy today and reflecting on one of my favorite pictures. Man could he jump!

Happy Birthday, Cameo

Cameo with pro

She was one awesome mare.  This was in her pro days, before she became the “pro” in the pro-am dance!

Those were the days … another history lesson

Gaby leaving for England

Another “may I recommend”? Film is titled “Into the Arms of Strangers”, and is about the “Kindertransport” in Europe in 1939 and 1940. It deals with the airlift of children of Jewish descent out of Germany and Austria to England. These children, who were as young as 6 or 7, were evacuated alone, by themselves, to live with complete strangers in completely strange surroundings to keep them safe during the course of World War II. Many of the children, now adult, were interviewed for this film, and they describe what it was like. Grim, sometimes, and sometimes very comforting, knowing that there were people out there who were willing to shelter strangers’ children in time of need.

Well worth watching. Available on Netflix.

Incidentally, the photo above is my cousin and godmother being put on one of the Kindertransport planes in Vienna.

Happiness is …

frolicSpring frolic!!

Complete Pictures

I’ve been doing a bit of traveling recently. What stuck in my craw is the picture of what people consider appropriate travel attire. When I was little, we travelled for the gummint. (Long story, another time.) I remember specifically getting “dressed” to travel. And the stewardesses wore hats and gloves.

Nowadays, more and more people are flying looking like Son of Swamp People. Pajama pants, plumbers’ pants, and other scruffiness seems to rule the air. Same thing applies to some of the gate staff. Just spotted a young man with his uniform pants strapped somewhere below his hipbones, shirttail sagging, and tie half un-done. I can only assume that his boss was nowhere nearby.

Whatever happened to pride in appearance?  This is what a lady should look like!

George at WIHS

If Ever

If ever I get into riding saddleseat, it will be five-gaited. Looks like fun.

If ever I get into driving, it will be ROADSTER PONIES!!! Almost as much a rush as eventing.

Or maybe combined driving with a single pony. Now there’s an idea – get a roadster pony and cross-train. Show in the ASB (that’s American SaddleBred) in the roadster ponies division, and then show open in combined driving.

Congrats in Order

Just came back from another American Saddlebred show. Seems like I have to keep revising my original thoughts on Saddlebreds. They really can do anything. From fine harness to babysitting a 3-year-old on a leadline to western pleasure to hunter pleasure, they are as versatile as the breed of my heart – the American Quarter Horse.

What brings this on? Congratulations to Stepping Stone Farm for a terrific and successful weekend. I should have had some photos to post, but the only good ones were of my friend being tortured getting full-face make-up. And even I have some decency left!

Well done – first and second in two classes!