Resistance is Futile!

by kpmautner

With the Passover/Easter season on us, I will take this opportunity to become an equal-opportunity heretic. This way, I don’t offend one particular group – I offend everyone!

There are a lot of biblical references that make it clear that certain villains were set up, framed, to guarantee a certain outcome. Prime example: “Pharoah’s heart was hardened and he refused to let the Israelites leave”. Frame-up if ever I heard one. Did Pharoah have a choice? No. He was an example, to be used to demonstrate that resistance was futile. And to provide an opportunity for a spectacular display of the consequences of resistance.

What about the poor charioteers caught in the deluge? Did they have a choice? Another example of resistance is futile.

My two prime candidates come later in the story. Pontius Pilate was, by Roman accounts, an able and consciencious administrator. The records of his promotions and commendations still exist. He was, however, placed in a no-win situation on one Thursday in early spring. Picture what you would have done with Rome on your back insisting that you keep the peace in this outlying province, and with a bloodthirsty rabble out for your outnumbered garrison on the other hand. Not a pretty picture, and he played the hand he was dealt. Granted, history would have taken a significantly different route if he hadn’t acted as he did, but his hand was essentially forced.

Lastly, misunderstood and disrespected Judas. A more maligned pawn history has never seen. He had his part to play, and resistance would have been futile. Another frame-up to ensure that history ran in a certain direction.