Time Rushes Past

by kpmautner

Writing a previous post, As Time Goes By, just kicked in a reality-check freak-out. I was doing some random associations while working out, and thought about the hit tv series The Big Bang Theory. I mused on how into Dungeons & Dragons these guys were, and bemoaned the fact that they were using computer-generated adventures instead of using their wits.

When we played Dungeons & Dragons, our equipment consisted of three little mimeographed (not copied, mimeographed) pamphlets and a handful of multi-sided dice. The Dungeon Master drew on graph paper and made up adventures out of his or her head. No computers (this was in the age of the dinosaur before computers), no ready-made games, no animatronics. We had weekly meetings at one another’s houses (my mother called it the floating crap (not craps) game) and the game would frequently run into Sunday morning. The group had started sponsored by my high school physics teacher, had morphed into post-graduate membership, and then started acquiring high-school students (munchkins), junior high students (mini-munchkins), and their younger siblings (micromunchkins).

Then it hit me. Assuming that the young men on The Big Bang Theory are in their early 30s, these guys were not even alive when we were playing. They weren’t even old enough to be micromunchkins. I am old enough to be the mother of the characters on that show!!! Eeeeeeek. But I still love the game – and the show.