Casanova Prep

by kpmautner

What’s the first lesson any Casanova-in-training learns about the fine art of picking up girls? Simple: you have to go where the girls are. No girls, no success.

I learned this early on in my show management career; in order to get jump crew volunteers, appeal to the local Boy Scout troop and offer them teenage girls in skintight pants. No brag, just fact. Lots of teenage girls in skintight pants at hunter shows. Anyone care to debate that? Turn-out by Boy Scouts was significant, and they volunteered to come back the next year. Score!

This weekend, whole new set of ideas. Roadster ponies. Not only do you get to drive one of these little speed-demons real – real – real – fast (that’s the whole point of roadster ponies), you get to dress up like a jockey to do it. If you can actually ride, you can even ride these four-legged hotrods really, really fast. Combine driving an incredible hotrod before you can even get a license with swarms of – again – teenage girls in tight pants and beauty queen make-up (my first Saddleseat show), it should be the happy hunting grounds for adolescent boys! Oddly (or maybe not oddly) enough, all the juvenile roadster pony drivers were boys.


Photo credit: Heather Moreton-Abounader Photography / / CC BY