A Brave New World!

by kpmautner

I spent last weekend doing something I haven’t done in years: I attended a saddle-seat show! For non-horse folk, Saddle Horses are not just horses that wear a saddle – they are a specifically American breed of horse designed as plantation transportation and hotrodding in the Deep South in the days before motorized hotrods.

let em rack

Speaking of which – the juvenile (that is, child) riders and drivers of roadster ponies had to be seen to be believed. They are got up in jockey silks and those little ponies can cover ground. You’re not old enough to drive a hotrod with a motor? Talk mom and dad into a roadster pony and let ‘er rip! Wow those little demons are fast!

Anyway, I attended this particular show to support a friend who was making her debut in a different world. For us dance folk, it’s like spending a life-time in tap, and switching suddenly to ballroom. Same feet, but totally different world. She didn’t realize, when she bought into this, that saddleseat is very much into appearances. I think she last wore make-up on the day she was married.

Paid off though! This is the stance of a blue-ribbon winner! Well done.