My Favorite Things

by kpmautner



His name is Lorenzo. He was (at one time) edible. He has been eaten, except for his head, which rests in my freezer.

Centerpiece class 006

The final class in Pastry School was advanced decorating and centerpiece design. Our first project was to create a child’s birthday cake. There were seven of us in the class. Between Winnie the Pooh and Curious George, and Mario Brothers and Hello Kitty, there was enough sweetness and light floating about to cloy even the most sugar-starved tot.

We were sent to the library for ideas. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. My teacher flatly refused to let me try a Cthulu cake. Said it would give a six-year-old nightmares. The six-year-olds with whom I am acquainted would have loved it.



So, since every six-year-old I know is fascinated by reptiles, I found a photo and took a stab at Lorenzo. He took high honors in the class and was featured in our newsletter!

Centerpiece class 005

I took him to the studio, and he was promptly devoured.