Volcano Legends


More volcano stories: According to our guide, several exploring spelunkers found, in the mass of lava left after the Lanzarote volcano exploded, a bubble about a kilometer in diameter of clear space which had hardened when the rest of the lava did. Being enterprising sorts, they converted the bubble into a tourist area, including a swimming pool and an auditorium which seats 600! This is about 250 feet underground! The accoustics are amazing when you consider where you are sitting – and big-name orchestras play here regularly, just to say they’ve done it.


Arrecife 2012 064

On another part of the tour, we stopped at the edge of the lava flow. The Jesuit priest whose journal it was, was the parish priest here. Legend has it that as the lava threatened his church, he bravely strode forth with a large wooden cross which he planted at the edge of the lava flow and prayed that his church would not be harmed. And the lava flow stopped just short of the church.

Arrecife 2012 046


Great story if you believe; great story if you don’t believe.