And More Roaming

by kpmautner

Another place I’ve always wanted to visit was the Lanzarote volcanic area in the Canary Islands. According to our guide, the volcano last erupted in 1736 in a series of explosions that lasted for 6 years. Vulcanologists found this an excellent area of study, because, as luck would have it, a Jesuit priest was stationed on the island. He was an amateur naturalist, literate, and gifted with an inquisitive mind, and he kept a day-by-day account of the eruptions in a journal that still exists.

Arrecife 2012 028


The end result was a landscape that has been used for Martian and lunar expedition training, and some very interesting stories. More tomorrow!

Arrecife 2012 037

(this is what happens when you don’t bring along a virgin to throw into the volcano – which we didn’t.