Baubles, Bangles and Beads

by kpmautner

When I started my competitive career, I rode hunter ponies. When we got spiffed up, we would wear tailcoats and tophats (although my budget never permitted a top-hat so I wore my hunt cap and a borrowed (and pinned-to-fit in back) tailcoat for the Corinthian classes) but everything was traditionally black and white. If you were very dashing, you might get away with midnight blue, but that was considered “fast”.

When I discovered the colorful world of eventing (I am, by nature, a color-freak), I was in clover. Pick your colors, buy lots of new stuff in your colors, and if it doesn’t come in your colors, either paint it or wrap it with electric tape until it is your colors. Bliss.

The new horse, unfortunately, despised even the thought of the great outdoors, so I turned back to the hunters, riding for a trainer who believed that if it wasn’t charcoal pinstripe, it didn’t happen. To a color freak, this is boring in the extreme.

Imagine my delight to discover that ballroom dancing not only approves of color, they encourage it. And beads. And crystal. And rhinestones. Lots and lots of rhinestones. The sparklier the better. The noisier the better. Am I in clover here? You betcha.

Below is a detail of my favorite dress.